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    PSOC3 First Touch Kit and PSOC Creator

      After running successful the sample projects for the PSOC 3 First Touch Kit I wanted to write my first own project. I started with the LED-flash project from the document "My first five designs". I adopted the pins of the LED´s to the First Touch board. When I try to load my program into the kit I geht the mesage: 


      "The selected debug target 'CY8C3866AXA-040 ES2' is not compatible with the project's selected device 'CY8C3866AXI-040 PRODUCTION"


      The CPU CY8C3866AXI-040 XI is however used In the First Touch sample projects that are working although there is a CPU version "ES2" on the board. The Version "ES2" is not offered in the device selector in PSOC Creator. 


      Does anyone know


      1.) What is the difference between the AXI and the ES2 version,  did I get an outdated version of the board from Digikey ?


      2.) How can I convince PSOC creator 1 (production version)  to download my firmware into the ES2 version ?




      Best regards


      Juergen Putzger


      Universitaet Regensburg

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          I can give part of the answer myself: There is a small pull down menue in the lower right corner of the device selector where I can select the "ES2" version instead of the "Production version". After doing so I can program my firmware into the board.


          Remains the question how an  "ES2 version" differs from the "Production version ". Any disadvantages ?




          Best regards



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            Hello Juergen,


            After PSoC3 chip was released, there were multiple revisions, with each revision having some fixes. The silicon revisions available are ES1, ES2,ES3/Production, where ES stands for Engineering Samples. ES2 silicon revision had many Silicon fixes. ES3/Production version silicon is ready for production and has most of the silicon fixes. At the time you purchased First Touch Kit, it was being shipped with ES2 Silicon. 


            CY8C3866AXI-40 is a specific Part Number. The part number convention is explained in the device datasheet Part Number Convention. In the string AXI"AX" indicates that the package type is TQFP and " I " stands for Industrial.


            As you have highlighted in your previous comment, the device selected in your device selector window should be the same as the device which you are trying to program.




            I hope this helps.