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      I'm not much of a software guy.  My method of debugging code is to always have some open I/O bits, and I will strobe them at various times, as necessary, to figure out what is wrong.  [Then again, I don't do much code in general.]  I don't use debuggers.  Just load the program, and run it--at full speed.


      I just got the PSOC development board going, with the PSOC5 module (CY8C55).  The basic LED PWM program worked, so I went to the first example in which one writes something (Sample Projects, Section 3.3, of "CY8CKIT-001_PSoC_Development_Kit_Guide.pdf").  For some reason, the software LED portion would not blink for me; then I went and duplicated the PWM portion onto LED2, just to continue to learn.  This time I did get both LED's to blink.


      However, they blink at about 2 to 3 times slower than I'd expect--ILO divided by 10 and 20, to the PWM with a count of 100 (for reset) should give me 1Hz and 0.5Hz blink rates.  And with a half-on, half off for illumination.  Instead I get like 0.3Hz and half that; and a very fast blink.


      Is there "stuff" running in the background, for debug purposes?





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          Hi Shawn,


          there are more options to do debugging than wiggling a port pin but the debugging capabilities of the PSoC 5 do not eat into the performance of the chip at all. It is not a monitor program running in the background but rather dedicated hardware with dedicated communication channels.


          There must be a different reason for the slower than expected blink frequency. Some clock connection appears to be off.


          Hope this helps to steer you in the right direction.



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            Good to know.


            I think I found one issue--I never selected what processor it was supposed to be for.  I had to select that, in order to move to the next exampl (ADC&LCD).  That worked, so onto the ADC&LCD&DAC&DMA--only to find out that Windows7 lacks Hyperterminal...