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    Submission Problems Also



      I also had submission problems. I submitted the project, and was returned to my login site. When I went back in to see if my materials had been submitted, the "My Designs" tab did not indicate that the designs had been submitted.


      Can Cypress confirm receiving my package?



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           Ok, I got this worked out. I was using Google Chrome. When I switched to Firefox to submit, I got a confirmation.


          Crazy late time of night to be doing this though!

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            Hi Diode Dan,




            Thank you for sharing this info with us. Many other contestants too were facing similar issue.

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              Hi, I don't think it is a matter of Firefox or Chrome.




              I tested it with all 3 major browsers (FF, Chrome, IE).  The result is the SAME.


              When the "My design is ready for submission" box is checked, THERE IS NO CONFIRMATION.  All changes to the link and description are NOT saved.


              When the box is NOT checked, there is a confirmation.  Changes to the link and description are saved.


              In both cases, changes to the "Block diagram" and "Design Files" lines are NOT saved.  The behavior is counter-intuitive to say the least. 


              Please set us know how to submit the designs for Phase 2, or check if the Phase 2 designs are indeed submitted.