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    test DigInv

      i enabled the counter8 with a clock frequency of ~366. the terminal count is expected to occur at every ~0.6 seconds. I connected led1 at the terminal count output to see it is blinking. Yes it is blinking. 


      i enabled DigInv module. Through row output i connected the teminal count output to DigInv input. The output of DgInv is connected with an led2. I expected that the led2 also will blink with an inverted manner of led1. But led2 is remain on. What went wrong?





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          The terminal count output of a counter is on only for one clock period.  So, with an input clock of 375Hz, the LED will remain on only for 2mS.  The rest of the times it will be off.  When you invert this signal, then the 2nd LED will be Off for 2mS and will be on the rest of the time.




          Instead of the Terminal count output, use the Compare Out output of the Counter and connect it to Row_0_Output_0.  Also, set the CompareValue of the Counter to 128.  This will result in the LED blinking at a rate of 1.4Hz with 50% duty cycle and the other LED will be out of phase.




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            thanks for your reply





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