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    Software version control?

      On prior embedded projects, I would debug some code, and get some bit of it working--and save a copy of that.  That way, if something broke, no matter how many changes I had made since the last "version" I could always roll back.  I would do this by basically doing a "save copy as", in which I would take the file name and append "_v1.3" or somesuch to it.  [That way, the working file would stay as it is, and I would not have to changing any linking.]


      I don't see a "save copy as", though; just "save as".  Which brings me to question #2: can my main program file be something other than "main.c" or is it stuck with that as the main file?  Software is not my forte, and I haven't a real clue how other C projects are done.  If "main.c" could be anything, I could just keep updating this file name, and look back if necessary to other files if I made some mistake.