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    USB connectivity with PSoC 5 First touch starter kit

       I am trying to send data through usb  from the PSoC 5 First touch starter kit to the computer and the problem is the device does not enumerate.




      I have tried example projects provided for PSoC 5: 3-button mouse, USB Interrupt Transfer Example. Everything works for building and programming the psoc, but when finished, there is no prompt with the device being added from windows and the software that handles the USB connection tells me the device is disconnected.


      I also used the debugger to run the code. The following lines are an infinite loop.


       while(FALSE == USBFS_bGetConfiguration())




      /* Waiting for enumeration */








      I am thinking about wheather the psoc needs a reset after programming and before acting as the USB device it is programmed to be... please give oppinions!




      Thank you in advance,