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    GSM communication



      I want communication between cy3209kit ( cy8c29666 processor) and GSM modem. For that i want simple code instructions from you. Below I described my complete requirement.


      Project Description: 


      GSM modem is connected with Psoc kit.


      GSM modem will receive number of messages but i want to read messages from only 9510631915 number.


      How can i set condition for that?


      So, what would be my instruction?






      Thank you



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          I dont think you will get any ready project for this.  Use an UART to interface the modem with the PSoC.  Check out the GSM modem's data sheet to get details about the baud rate for communication, AT commands etc.  Start with a simple project that sends a simple AT command and receives the response from the modem.  Once you have this, you can build on the project to implement more advanced AT commands.




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