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      A few questions:


      Is April 25th the day that the whole project must be at Cypress?


      What do we do about software parts to a project? I have a PC python script that is custom to my design.


      What is the best way to ship the design? I want to ship the design the way it is with my jumper wires connected so that the judges only have to turn it on and see it operational.



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          Hi Diode Dan,




          The prototype along with the product brief (about 2 page) with instructions on how to operate the design should be submitted on or before 25th April 2011 at 8 a.m EDT.




          Even the associated software parts should be sent along.




          You can send it with jumpers connected. But make sure that the instructions to operate it is clearly documented as it will help the judges better.

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            Just two question to be sure that I will upload it to proper place.


            I prepare all files and documents and descriptions and python script for mobile phone etc, the total size of the zip file is ~20MB is this OK for upload?


            As I understand the whole files in zip file must be uploaded over the previous one right or it will be some other link for upload the whole projects files?


            Kind Regards,



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              Yes you can just upload the file over the previous file you had. 


              Diode Dan - For you 2 page description maybe it would help if you add pictures, if this makes it go over 2 pages thats ok, we just want clear instructions. 


              If you have any further questions on shipping send me an e mail at jeffrey.musante@cypress.com