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    Ice cube recognition problem2



      this post is the continuation of post "Ice cube recognition problem".




      I have the cy3268 on which there is the cip whith the following marking:




      1-56LTXI 0931 


      B  04 CHI 


      CYP 626613




      The programming of the board with the ICE CUBE works fine, the problem is when I trie to do the debug. At this moment when I select  "Debug->Connect" from the Designer I receive the message "Attached pod (00bf0022) is not compatible with the selected PSoC". 




      Looking around on the cypress web site I've found a similar post that goes like this:



      Error Message: "Attached pod (000e1022) is not compatible with the selected PSoC"

      Last Updated: 11/30/2010
      Question: I get an error message " Attached pod (000e1022) is not compatible with the selected PSoC" while using the new CY8C27002-24PVXI OCD part while debugging with PSoC Designer. This is the latest revision OCD part (B 05 datecode 1001).


      This issue is found in PD5.0 SP6, since this latest revision part is not added in the latest version of PSoC Designer. The workaround is mentioned below.

      1. Close all PSoC Designer.
      2. Replace "CY8C27000DeviceDB.xml" file in "C:\Program Files\Cypress\Common\CypressSemiDeviceEditor\Devices\CY8C27000\" folder with the attached "CY8C27000DeviceDB.xml" file.
      3. Open PSoC Designer
      4. Under Tools menu, click on "Refresh Driver/User Module Manifest" option.
      5. Try to connect device to ICE

                   This is fixed in PSD5.1.           





      I am using PSD5.1 but is my problem anyway similar to this one?








      Thank you very much and have a nice day.








      Trinca Claudio