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    The PSoC Creator can't get the mini-prog3

      I can't find the information of mini-prog3 at "Select Debug Targrt" windows, so I can't doing on-chip-debug.


      I had re-install the PSoC Creator 1.0 and the driver of mini-prog3, but the creator is still not get the mini-prog3.


      The PSoC Programmer can get that and programming the PSoC3 chip.


      I had test my mini-prog3 at another computer with PSoC Creator 1.0, and that can get the mini-prog3.


      Could you tell me how can I fix that?


      PSoC Creator : 1.0 Production[]


      Mini-prog3 version : 2.05[2.68/1.07]


      Mini-prog3 driver :


      Thank you



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          your issue seems to be connected to the setup on one particular PC. You should file a supprot case and add some more information to it such as you specific version of Windows you are using.


          These kind of things happen to a very small number of Cypress customers and we have to look into your individual setup and investigate what could go wrong. After all we want you to use Creator!


          To file a tech support case please go to this site:




          Look for "Technical Support" and then "Online Technical Support"


          Thank you for your patience and for using PSoC


          Regards, Robert