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    DVK 001 Upgrade



      I purchased a DVK 001 when it was just recently released. At the time, it had the PSoC 1 module and an ES2 PSoC 3 module. On the DVK website, it says that we can get updated silicon.


      How and when can we do this? Will I be able to get the PSoC 5 module in addition?



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          Hi Diode Dan,




          PSoC5 family CY8C55 processor module is available as CY8CKIT-010.


          More details on the upgrade of PSoC3 module to production version will be available soon on the web.


          In case anyone is intending in purchasing the module with Production version of PSoC3, then CY8CKIT-009A is the module which is espected be out in a couple of weeks.