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    UART_start() : Unexpected behaviour

      Hey all


      I'm using the Psoc 5 and have instantiated the UART module v1.20. I noticed that after a call to USART_Start() i have to wait a bit before I can use PutChar or PutString. A delay of even just 1ms is enough, If no delay is present the first few characters are dropped. Any idea what's going on?



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          Hi Abhijit,




          It is recommended that you update to PSoC Creator v1.0 Production.


          This version can be found at the following link http://www.cypress.com/?id=2494




          The latest version of UART Component available is version 2.0.


          So you can update the UART component to this latest version from v1.2 and give it a try.


          PutChar() and PrintString() are Blocking Statements and hence doesn't require any delay to be used.