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    Debugging Header hardware assistance


       G'day all,


      I've sorted out the debug connections for my design thanks to the support guys here, but now I'm having a different problem.


      I can't seem to find a supplier for the 10-pin debug header as used on the development kit's PSoC3/5 modules.


      This is a 10-pin 0.05" dual in-line IDC-style receptacle. In the parts list, it's listed as Digilent 161-026, but that company doesn't seem to have or handle individual connectors. Instead, DigilentInc is a system board (FPGA) design business. They appear to neither stock nor sell individual bits and pieces.


      None of the "big" suppliers (Farnell, Digikey, Jameco, Mouser, etc) stock this particular part. At least, not shrouded, which would be the most suitable. I can find various male PCB connectors, but I'd really like to have a polarised connection, as this design will be used by students and hobbyists, and I want to make it as bullet-proof as possible.


      As I'm based in Australia, I'd much prefer to deal with a vendor who has an online presence.


      So my question is, could anyone provide details on a suitable connector that will allow the Miniprog-3's cable to be directly connected for debugging and programming? Preferably something they know works with the connectors supplied with the Miniprog-3.


      Otherwise, I'll keep looking, and if I can find a replacement, I'll post details here.


      Sorry for asking such a silly question here.