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    problem with ADC1


      Hi all,


      I am stuck with a problem with the ADC14.


      When the PSOC gets warm, the reading of the ADC14 suddenly drops down a significant number and stays down until the chip has cooled down again. I have a simple PT1000 with a resistor attached to the input, nothing should happen there. The voltage should be stable at 5.00V.


      I could prove this several times by heating the PSOC with hot air and cooling it down again.


      I am talking about a start temperature of 20 degrees centigrade (normal room temperature) and a top temperature of 50 degrees centigrade (not too hot). The jump happens at around 40 degrees centigrade.


      Until now I can not exclude that there is another design problem on my board, but I think this may be a problem with the ADC or its settings.


      Could you please let me know what problem I might have run into?


      Best regards,