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    once NVL question



      I configured dubug port disabled, flash full protected, but in HEX file generated, once NVL bytes are still all 0.


      How to  make sure once NVL bytes to be correct keys?





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          The support to make the device one time programmable by writing the correct key to WO Nvl is not yet there in PSoC Creator. That is the reason the hex file generated will always have these WO Nvl bytes set as zero.


          I have tested this feature once by writing the correct key to WO Nvl. The part cannot be programmed thereafter. Do you want this super-security feature immediately? If really urgent, we can support your cause through a technical support case.


          - Vivek

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            Ok Thanks. It's not urgent,  just make clear for it,  I just thought maybe had missed something on configuration.


            Thanks very much.