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    PSoC API Regeneration causes vanishing code

      Hey.. my problem is as follows:


      I'm using the PSoC 5, with a UART and LCD as peripherals and two interrupts tied to the Rx and Tx interrupts of the UART block. In main.c I have defined a variable [volatile uint8 user_control] which i intend will be updated by the UART interrupt: So in the interrupt header file isc_xxx.h i made an entry [extern volatile uint8 user_control]. Now the problem is that whenever i mak some changes to the top design; e.g. changing peripherals or settings - all the API files are recompiled and my 'extern' entry is gone - and the compile fails.


      Now since I know this I am able to go back and add it again, but when there are more variables in more it'll be a PITA. Is there some workaround or anything? I notice that _code_ inside the isr functions remains intact somehow...