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    Miniprog 3 USB connection issue - CY8CKIT-001

       Hi, I've just purchased and received my CY8CKIT-001 devkit, and all seems to be OK... except for the Miniprog 3 programmer.


      Specifically, the programmer shipped with the kit has an unusual mini-a type USB connector, but the only USB cable supplied is a standard A-to-MiniB cable that only fits the dev board's USB port!


      There's no physical way I can 'plug the Miniprog 3 into your computer's USB port' unless I have a hammer. :)


      This seems such a stupid oversight that I'm sure I must be overlooking something basic - but without a real BOM in the kit (the referred BOM entry in the User's Guide and release notes simply says 'Miniprog-3 programmer and cables', not what sort of cables), I can't be sure if this is normal or an oops.


      If I'm not going quietly mad, is there a way to get the additional (correct) USB cable for the MP3 from Cypress? I don't want to get involved in an RMA if I can possibly avoid it (not with a brand-new otherwise working dev kit!!), so an alternative would be to identify anything special about the USB connector and any cable used so I can purchase one locally. I'll be going shopping today to do just that - but because this is Australia, finding special USB connectors is quite difficult, if not impossible, without importing directly.


      I'd also like to raise this as a potential issue with other new developers getting the same kits. I'm unsure if this is a single shot issue or if it's systemic. FWIW, my kit's serial number starts with 1041DG.


      Thanks for any enlightenment on what is truly a frustrating issue!





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          PCPete, the CY8CKIT-001 comes with a USB A-type to Mini USB cable. This cable can be used to connect MiniProg3 to the USB port on your computer for programming and debugging. The Mini USB connector goes in to Miniprog3 and the USB A-typr terminal goes in to your computer. The kit also comes with a 10 pin ribbon cable, this cable is used to connect the MiniProg3 to PSoC3/PSoC5 processor module for programming. The same is shown on page 24 of the Kit USER GUIDE that accompanies the kit, which is also available here, http://www.cypress.com/?docID=26945



          The cable is common cable that is available these days in most of the electronics store, I am sure Dick Smith has it ! 

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             Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it!




            So what you're saying is that the Miniprog3's USB connector should be the same (i.e.  "Mini-B" style) as the devboard's USB connector?




            That's not the case with this Miniprog 3 - the Mini-B connector won't even fit into the receptacle. The receptacle on the end of the MP3 (opposite the 5-pin 0.1" ICSP-style connector for the CYC28 module and the 0.05" pitch IDC-style connector for JTAG debugging) has 5 pins in the centre of the receptacle with nothing around them. The standard Mini-B connection has 5 connectors, but they're 'fingers' that contact 5 strips inside the Mini-B receptacle.


            This is not only a different pin polarity (i.e. male instead of female), it's a completely different shape to the mini-B. I've never seen one like this before, and I've developed and built USB devices with Mini and Micro A, B, and AB connectors!




            I'm now assuming this requires some type of Miniprog3 to USB MiniB adapter, or else it's missing out of the kit.




            Please note, I'm an ex-hardware and software designer, so I know the difference between the various connector styles, pitches, and pinouts; that's why I'm so sure I must be missing something really simple.




            If no-one can help, I'll upload a photo of the offending bit...

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              Yes, The connector in Miniprog3 and on the development both are the same as far i know. A standard USB mini-b should do the job for you. Please provide us a screenshot of the receptacle on your miniprog3 so that we can see what type of connector it is. There might have been some mismanagement that might have led to wrong cable being a part of your kit.


              Did you try inserting the USB mini b side of the cable in to the receptacle. It will be good if we get a screeshot of both.

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                Here's a shot of the Miniprog-3 connector (left), the standard type A connector (middle) and the MiniB connector (right).


                As you can see, the Miniprog's connector is totally different to the MiniB type.




                And just for completeness' sake, here's a closeup of the mini connectors together...


                My apologies for the poor shots, I don't have access to all my holders and clips at the moment!




                If anyone can identify the connector on the end of the Miniprog3, that will be a start, I'm sure if I can find an appropriate cable I'll be in business. I'm more than competent to make up a cable too if that's needed. But I'd prefer it to come in the kit!




                I hope this helps clarify the issue. If you need better/more shots, please let me know and I'll do my best.







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                   ...And just so there's no possibility of confusion... :)




                  Hopefully this makes sense to someone... do I hear an "AHA!" anyone?

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                    Sorry everyone. It just occurred to me to check the specs of the various USB OTG connectors, and this is listed (of course) as a Mini-B connector. So I tried it and whaddaya know - it fits!




                    I think I'll just crawl away to a very dark, quiet corner and STFU. My sincere apologies for wasting everyone's time.




                    And I'm really having fun with the Designer and Creator software...



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                      PC Pete. Good that you got the connector issue resolved. Please be assured that any standard MiniB connector will fit in to the Miniprog3 receptacle.