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    Problem with device not loaded in device library in Designer 4.4 when opening an example project

              When trying to work with my CY3212 development board I am having problem opening an example project. I am using PSoC Designer 4.4 and the most recent example projects downloaded from Cypress. When I open a project I get the following error message:   
      "The specified part is not loaded in the device library.   
      Status 0xc00426c0   
      Subsystem: PSoC Device Editor Engine"   
      It looks that Designer has the appropriate user modules for the device present in the development board, since I can create a project from scratch and select the proper device and the CSR user module that it needs to use the CapSense features.   
      But I really would like to be able to open the example projects to study them and use as a learning help. Any help will be welcome. Thanks.