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    Code memory of CY7C68013A

      Dear sir,


      We choose CY7C68013A to implement our project. And the firmware is based on BulkLoop. Of course, we have added the needed code what will help us. But the problem is that: while we burning the iic file(C2 load) into our lardge eeprom(24C128), the CyConsole can not recognise our board. So, we cut some code and retry the front steps, Oh....it can recognise our board!


      We have no idea about it! Why? The CY7C68013A restrict the code size ? But, the <EZ-USB TRM> has specified that it has 16KB internal RAM which is Program&Data(We set EA=0).


      So, help me please! Thanks so much!




      Josh Wei

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                  Have you taken care of mapping the code to internal memory?? hex2bix would print out a line at the end showing code size and stuff... can you post that here? Regards, Anand   
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            Thanks for reply.


            Yes, we used hex2bix to convert our hex file into iic file which will be burned into EEPROM(24C128) with C2 load.


            And the command is set as below:


            .\hex2bix -i -f 0xC2 -o GP10.iic GP10.hex


            Note:  1). The hex2bix is under our project directory;


                        2). The command is attached to Keil User Program which will run when you compile the keil project.




            Now, the hex2bix output is that:


            creating hex file from "GP10"


            User command #1:.\hex2bix -i -f 0xC2 -o GP10.iic GP10.hex


            Intel Hex file to EZ-USB Binary file conversion utility


            Copyright (c) 1997-2005, Cypress Semiconductor Inc.


            4353 Bytes written.


            Total Code Bytes = 4304


            Conversion completed successfully.

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              Also, you said that mapping code into internal memory! But, I really don't know how to do?? (The EA pin is set as LOW)


              Could you tell me, sir!




              Thanks a lot,




              Josh Wei

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                Your code size is aroundd 4k much lesser than the internal RAM size.


                In keil, under project settings you should find the xdata and code field under BL51 tab. Using this you can specify the range occupied by data and code of your firmware. Before converting to iic downloading the hex file to check and confirm the working would be a  good idea.