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    Cypress offers High-density programmable FIFOs upto 144Mbit

          Cypress offers Best in class high performance, High-Density FIFO (HDFIFO) with programmable features. HDFIFO, offered in densities up to 144 Mbit, has speed up to 133MHz and high throughput of 4.8Gbps.   
          Designed based on SRAM technology, HDFIFO provide high data reliability and low noise making it suitable for military and medical imaging applications.   
          Targeting high-end video equipment segment, HDFIFO aims to simplify system design and provide system level cost reduction. Capable of storing up to three frames in Full-HD(1080p), HDFIFO is best suited as a frame buffer in professional video acquisition, processing and broadcasting applications.   
          Read more about the part @     www.cypress.com/go/HDFIFO   
          Contact sales @       spcm_mktg@cypress.com