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    Limited  build option





      Is there some way to perform a limited build? For example, sometimes I just want all the generated source and APIs to be updated. At others I only want the arm code compilation step. This could save a lot of time since each of these steps is rather time consuming....



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          Hi Abhijit,




          You can skip Code Generation by setting the "Skip Code Generation" in the build settings to true.


          It can be found at Project > Build Settings > Code Generation > General





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            Oh yes.. well guess that doesn't really solve my problem. I am not going to set it to skip code generation; just for the one off-case where I make a change in the schematic and forget to regenerate the code. I'd have liked a button on the Build menu; saying Compile and link only...


            Thanks anyhow...



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              I am not sure if this is what you want, but Creator does have a Generate Application command, as well as a Compile File command.


              These are on the Build menu, and there is a Build toolbar.  See the attached image.

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                Great... that helps...


                The compile file option calls the compiler for that particular file; whereas the build application will check if the schematic has changed. If it has it calls cyfitter and does all place and route.


                The compile option is useful in case where, for example, I change some hardware setting (like PWM compare value) but I dont need to do a full rebuild because the software initialisation routines will anyway take care of it. Sorry of that sounds incoherent...