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    How to overdrive XRES

      My design uses an external power monitor/watchdog driving XRES for PUR and Watchdog functions. Unfortunately the Miniprog3 also uses XRES. Any suggestions on how to overdrive the external XRES signal (the watchdog will timeout during programming). I could use something like a resistor to isolate the external XRES, but I have no idea on the miniprog drive strength, and whether it can successfully overdrive in this mode.

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           Hi Edmund,




          What is PUR to which you have referred here? Also, when you are talking about watchdog then whose watchdog timer you are talking about and how connectingt o XRES pin is helping. 




          Miniprog uses XRES pin for programming but PSoC3 does have a configurable XRES pin which can be used but I would like to know the functionality you are using here.




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            I need an external watchdof timer for extra security and to reset other devices includung the Psoc. I am using the MAX6301 for the timer, wired to XRES. Unfortunately XRES is also used by the programmer, hence my question, how do I overdrive the XRES so the watchdog does not interfere with the programmer?