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    Can CharLCD_v1.50 span ports?


       As the component  data sheet said "The LCD uses 7 consecutive pins of a physical port. In order to place the Character LCD onto your desired port, use the Design-Wide Resources Pin Editor."However,some PSOC Development Kit(eg,First Touch) don't have  enough consecutive phisical extent pins,is there any method to use the CharLCD componet in these development kit without rewrite the driver code?



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          Hi Xiaowei,




          I presume you are referring to PSoC3/5 First Touch Starter Kit in this context.


          There are two Ports available in this Kit which has contiguous pins. Port 0 and Port 6.




          The Pin editor in .cydwr provides option to use Port 0 as P0[6:0] or P0[7:1] and Port 6 as P6[6:0] or P6[7:1].


          You can use any of these 4 options available.