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    cyload question

      In the DvkUsersGuide.pdf section "Firmware Download Drivers" it says in the description of cyload.spt that it is "the bulkloop firmware example".  When I download that firmware, the string descriptors show up on the host as [0]="Cypress" and [1]="EZ-USB FX2".  After looking at the bulkloop sources in the examples directory, in dscr.a51 i see 3 string descriptors:   [0]=09h,04h   [1]="Cypress" and [2]="EZ-USB"




      So question 1) what is that first string index, that contains two bytes 09,04?


      and question 2) Why does windows see the last string as "EZ-USB FX2" and the dscr.a51 has StringDscr2 as only "EZ-USB"?  


      Is this not where these strings come from?




      many thanks!