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    3 questions about 68013

              three questions 1,it's well konwn that CY7C68013's endpoint 2/4/6/8 can be configured to double/triple/quad,and it also can be 8/16 bits.So what's the physical size of the FIFO buffer? When one of the endpoints is configured to be triple or quad,does some endpoints have no physical buffer?So can you tell me what are the effects on other endpoints when one is configured to be triple/quad? 2,Are all the 2/4/6/8 endpoint FIFO buffer are physically 16bits wide? if not so,when some endponts are configured to be 16bits wide,other endpoints would be influeced? 3,Maybe all the 2/4/6/8 endpoint FIFO buffers are 8bits wide,configuring to 16 bits wide just makes the cy7c68013's FD pins be 16 bits,which is convenient to connect to external controller(DSP,ARM).so how to do when firmware has many datum greater than 255 to transmit.can firmware write a int data into FIFO buffer?I have done it in my firmware and the compiling didn't generate any error,but the transfer failed and I don't konw which code segment is wrong.