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    PSoC DVK -001 Not working

      Hi all


      My new PSoC DVK  is not working, both 3.3v and 5v linear regulators,not regulating the current, Can anyone please tell me , there is any service center in india to repair my PSoC kit and i used 8c5588 (psoc5)processor module and how to check  my processor module working properly or not?  Please i request any one who know about this issue and i am in urge of implement design in kit, Please help me.




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          Hi Gogul,




          I assume you are using CY8CKIT-001 Development Kit.


          Please insert the jumpers as mentioned in the user guide.


          After inserting the CY8C5588AXI-060 device processor module did you try to program it using miniprog3?


          For PSoC5 Device, the device should be selected accordingly in the Creator workspace.




          If inspite of all these measures taken, you are unable to program the device, check if the device is getting heated.

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            hi dasq,


            Thank you for your information.Yes you are right, my board heating up and  miniprog3 not able to detect the processor module.


            is it possible to buy dev board without processor module? How much it costs and how to you buy it? Please give me the details..









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               Check out this site, http://www.cypress.com/?rID=51577, we will have it stocked with PSoC 5 Dev Kits soon.

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                • Also remove the processor module itself and power the kit. Verify if the regulators are getting heated. If the regulators are fine then we can assume that the PSoC5 module is leaking current.
                • Remove the PSoC5(CY8C5588) module and place the PSoC3(CY8C3866) module and verify if the module is getting is heated. It is quite a possibility that the PSoC5 module might be leaking too much current. If the PSoC3 module does not get heated up, you are ensured that the kit is working fine and is regulated. You only need to replace the PSoC5 module.
                • If the board does not get heated up with PSoC3 module, you can use the kit to develop PSoC3 projects.