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    Strange wiced_tcp_create_socket hang up


      I hit a strange wiced_tcp_create_socket hang up,

      to make sure it's not the problem of my application.

      I modify apps/snip/ping_powersave/ping_powersave.c to test this issue:


      Add below lines to application_start(), just before the while loop to call send_ping().


      WPRINT_APP_INFO(("create socket begin\r\n"));

      wiced_tcp_socket_t socket;

      wiced_tcp_create_socket(&socket, WICED_STA_INTERFACE);


      WPRINT_APP_INFO(("create socket end\r\n"));


      It then hangup after print "create socket begin".


      Started FreeRTOS v7.5.2

      Initialising LwIP v1.4.0.rc1

      WWD SoC/4390 interface initialised

      WLAN MAC Address : 02:0A:F7:E3:A2:10

      WLAN Firmware    : wl0: Sep  1 2014 12:37:04 version 6.38.15 (TOB) (r496949)

      Joining : phoenix

      Successfully joined : phoenix

      Obtaining IP address via DHCP

      Network ready IP:

      create socket begin


      Can someone explain what's wrong here?