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    FX2LP chip always becomes unresponsive (frozen)



      We are using the CY7C68013A-128AXC chip and it will always become unresponsive (frozen) after transferring data for a "random" period of time.

      Sometimes it will become unresponsive after 5 minutes of operation, sometimes it will become unresponsive during the 1st minute, sometimes it will run for 3 days before it becomes unresponsive.....the chip will always freeze, but we never know when!

      Once the chip is frozen (unresponsive), the software on the PC cannot talk to it anymore - not even CyConsole.

      We know it is not a firmware bug because if we simply request something stupid in the firmware, we simply get a timeout and the API will return a "false" in our C# code, but the chip still remains "live" - we can still see and talk to it.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks very much