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      1,question about function "ept->Read(&buf, bytestosend);" in control transfer


      after running the code “ept->Read(&buf, bytestosend);”,Has the transfer ended?


      it's vital to know the answer in continous control transfer while repeated inquring a status variable through control transfer.






      2,question about large bulk transfer


      in a case that a DSP transmit an image to the host by using bulk transfer, the image has 1447680 bytes,so can the bulk transfer code be executable as below:


      OVERLAPPED  inOvLap;


      inOvLap.hEvent   = CreateEvent(NULL, false, false, "CYUSB_IN");


      LONG  length =1447680; 




      BulkInEpt=(CCyBulkEndPoint *) USBDevice->EndPoints[1];


      UCHAR  *inContext = BulkInEpt->BeginDataXfer(inBuf, length, &inOvLap); 




      BulkInEpt->FinishDataXfer(inBuf, length, &inOvLap,inContext);