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    GPIO in high impedance mode

      I would like to use:

      void gpio_configurePin(BYTE port, BYTE pin, UINT16 config, BYTE outputVal);

      to put a GPIO in high impedance mode.

      Should I use this:

      GPIO_INPUT_DISABLE           /*0x0600*/

      as config ?

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          In our firmware for a BCM20736S we use the following code to disable all GPIOs except the two for the peripheral UART:


                int    i;


                for (i=GPIO_PIN_P0;i<=GPIO_PIN_P39;i++)


                  if ((i != GPIO_PIN_P32) && (i != GPIO_PIN_P33))

                    gpio_configurePin(i/16, i%16, GPIO_INPUT_DISABLE | GPIO_PULL_UP_DOWN_NONE, GPIO_PIN_INPUT_LOW);



          This sets all GPIOs except P32 (PUART_TX) and P33 (PUART_RX) to high impedance mode.

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