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    Converters configuration




      I would like to know how to configure all the "Component Parameters" for the Delta Sigma (or SAR) ADC through code (not through the dialog box of the compiler).


      The case is that I want to design a C# interface to configure these converters in order to obtain some graphics and statistics about the converters measurements. So I want to set all the ADC Component Parameters from this interface, via RS232.


      I already have the communication but I don't find the methods that allow me to enter the parameters from code.


      Thank you very much.

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          Hi Fernan,




          One simple way I can think of is to build an application layer in main( ) function which has UART as a communication protocol. Depending upon the UART command received from the PC, APIs can be used to change some of the parameters such as ADC_SetGain(int32 adcGain), ADC_SetBufferGain(uint8 gain), ADC_SelectConfiguration(uint8 config, uint8 restart). These APIs expose the configuration that can be changed in software. Hence, by digging deep into these APIs, the parameters can be controlled more closely.


          Please share your thoughts about this.

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             Hi Dasq,


            I already have an idea about how to implement the configuration comunication and it is more or less like you say. The problem that I have is how to acces, through functions like you propose, to all of the configuration parameters that I can see in the configuration dialog box.


            Functions that you propose only allow me to configure gain and configuration presets, but parameters like conversion mode, resolution or conversion rate I don't know how to access them.


            I hope I explained.


            Thank you!

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               Hi another time,


              I haven't still achieved to acces to all the converter parameters to configure it through code. Somebody could give me an idea?


              I want to configure the parameters that we can see in the configuration dialog box in the Top Design, through C++.


              Thank you.




              Best regards.