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    Sheet connector?


      How do I take signals from one schematic page to another?  I know I can make the sheet larger, but I see the symbol for an connector, so I'm wondering how to use it.



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          did you check the knowledge base article about sheet connectors?





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            No, I had not seen that; thank you.




            However, it doesn't work.  When I right click on the connector, I zoom questions and properties; when I select properties I get the "effective name".  But no option to change the name.  Maybe this changed?




            PSoC Creator 1.0 Production (





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              Go the Help and either search for sheet connector or navigate to :  "Using Design Entry Tools > Schematic Editor > Using Multiple Pages and Connectors"


              I think the wire name controls the connection between pages. You cannot give the connector a name. So you give the wire the same name on both pages and use the connector to join them.

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                Ah!  Thank you.


                I'm used to my schematic/layout tools, where I double-click the net label and/or port, and that item is what gives name to the wire/connection.  The wire itself is not editable.  Just different, that's all.



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                   Yeah, the wire (net) should be given name. The same name should be used for the net in the other page too. The sheet connector should be connected in both the pages. The sheet connector does not take any name. 

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                    Sorry this is probably obvious, but how do you manage to expand the size of sheet to fit more components on it? I cant seem to find it. you mentioned it was possible.



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                      You cannot really "resize" a sheet.  However, there are a couple different methods to try.




                      1) Right-click on the canvas and choose "Change Template."  From here you can pick a larger canvas size, such as 11x17.  You can create and save your own sheet templates and use them here.




                      2) Right click on the page tab and select "Add Page." Then use sheet connectors to coneect wires from one page to another.  You can add many pages as needed.