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    Moving from BETA to Production


       Hi All,


      (I have also posted this over at PSoCDeveloper.com, so please forgive me for the duplication!)


      I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has successfully implemented an embedded PSoC 3 or PSoC 5 device into a production build.
      The reason is that I am about to move my design from BETA to Production. During Beta I have been using PSoC3 and PSoC5 FTK modules plugged into a header on my board.
      For production I would like to get rid of the FTK module and embed the PSoC5 chip directly into my design.

      Specifically I would like to hear about any issues surrounding implementing SWD - which SWD/RESET pins did you bring out, what type of header, and which programmer do you use for debug and programming? Can you still program and debug your device from within PSoC Creator? Did you embed a USB programmer into your design? 

      Should I just bring out the PSoC SWD pins to a header; or just embed the FX2LP USB chip? If so then presumably the FX2 will need some firmware inside it also, how do I program that? 

      I am grateful for advice from anyone who has done this already.