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    Moving from BETA to Production


       Hi All,


      (I have also posted this over at PSoCDeveloper.com, so please forgive me for the duplication!)


      I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has successfully implemented an embedded PSoC 3 or PSoC 5 device into a production build.
      The reason is that I am about to move my design from BETA to Production. During Beta I have been using PSoC3 and PSoC5 FTK modules plugged into a header on my board.
      For production I would like to get rid of the FTK module and embed the PSoC5 chip directly into my design.

      Specifically I would like to hear about any issues surrounding implementing SWD - which SWD/RESET pins did you bring out, what type of header, and which programmer do you use for debug and programming? Can you still program and debug your device from within PSoC Creator? Did you embed a USB programmer into your design? 

      Should I just bring out the PSoC SWD pins to a header; or just embed the FX2LP USB chip? If so then presumably the FX2 will need some firmware inside it also, how do I program that? 

      I am grateful for advice from anyone who has done this already.

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          Hi Kenny,


          For production purposes, we have a list of certified third party Programmers on Cypress website that support PSoC 3 programming. But they can only program PSoC 3 from their own Programmer GUI. The only Programmer/Debuggers which can be used from PSoC Creator environment is Miniprog3 and FX2LP based one  supported in FTK's, -030 DVK's. PSoC Creator right now is not yet supporting third party PRogrammer or Debugger from its environment.


          Having said that, I have developed a PSoC 3 version of HSSP Application note for PSoC 1 (AN44168 is PSoC 1 HSSP). This project will use PSoC 5 as a Host to program PSoC 3. It follows the Programming specifications mentioned in AN62391. We will be releasing it before end of this month. If you want a copy earlier, please send your email id details to "VVSK@CYPRESS.COM" (it is 2 V's and not W in email id :) ). I can send you the draft document, project.


          Regarding the hardware connections for PRogramming PSoC 3, refer AN62391. AN64359 is equivalent for PSoC 5. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions.





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            You can also refer to application note AN61291 at http://www.cypress.com/?rID=43337 for connector details.

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              Sorry it is a typo. The AN number is AN61290:Hardware starting guide with PSoC Creator. Pages.4,5 talk about Programming, Debug interfaces.

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                 Thanks for the replies.


                I shall read the application notes you mentioned :-)