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    No Debug messages via UART/RS232



      There are several calls of the CyU3PDebugPrint() function used in the SDK examples. With this function calls debug messages should be transmitted via UART/RS232. Is that correct?


      My Com Port setting are the same then in the expamples:


          uartConfig.baudRate = CY_U3P_UART_BAUDRATE_115200;
          uartConfig.stopBit = CY_U3P_UART_ONE_STOP_BIT;
          uartConfig.parity = CY_U3P_UART_NO_PARITY;


      To make sure Debug Messages are sent I added a CyU3PDebugPrint() call in the for (;;) loop of the BulkLpAppThread_Entry() function of the USBBulkLoopManualInOut example. The priority level is also set correctly.


      My problem is that I do not receive any debug message at the PC. I even could not measure anything at the UART Pins.


      I work with the FX3 DVK Device Board.


      How could this problem be solved?


      Thanks and best regards