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    SPI: FIFO_FULL - Interrupt is not resetting after reading out FIFO by DMA

      Hello! I am new in PsoC and i have following problem:


      A SPI - Slave receives 4 16-bit values and triggers an FIFO-Full interrupt. This interrupt triggers a DMA , which reads out the data out of the FIFO using following sourceadress: SPIS_RXDATA_PTR.


      The DMA has 4 Bytes per Burst, length 2000 and request per burst = 1;


      This works, the first 4 values gets saved correctly in a buffer-array, but the problem is, that the FIFO-Full interrupt stays high and doesn't return to zero! A new transmission is not possible anymore.


      I have tried reading the data out of the SPI-Slave using SPIS_ReadRxData(). In this case the FIFO-Full interrupt returns to zero.


      Do i miss anything? How is it possible to let the FIFO-Full interrupt return to zero after reading out 4 values by the dma?




      Thanks a lot!