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    Design Challenge




      When will the PSoC 5 projects and prizes be distributed back to contestants?





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          i think the folks have a great time sepnding all our prizes ( maybe in las vegas ??)


          and afterwards in time  we got out kits back - santa will bring them back to our shacks ;-)


          - just jokin'

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            Has anybody of the finalists contact with Cypress? I tried two times to contact them, and didn't get any reply :(

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              There was in issue with AMEX cards in Europe and I have inform them for that after received of 50$ AMEX gift card. They act very nice and change them to VISA. As I heard cards will be ship very soon, as our projects also. So be patient, the Cypress is perfect and do the best for all of us. :)

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                I am totaly shure the cypress people are doing best to provide the finalists with their prizes


                and i 'm also convinced that our PSoC5 kits wil be home soon.


                As seen on the Devel-kits site a lot of change int the products and their delivery is going on CY8Kit-03 , -050 , -025.


                so, we the finalists, were among the first on the planet who made designs with this still brand new kits. :-)


                cypress rocks.




                greets from germany

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                  Oh, I'm not complaimning about the time it takes. It always gets complicated when bureaucracy gets involved. But I tried two times to get at least a notion about how long it might take - and just got nothing back. I would have hoped for at least a "it take a month" or a "I don't know yet"...

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                    Hi electronix79


                    With reference to your post and advice to Cypress team to switch to visa card, I received a visa gift card, however it is written on it that it is valid only in the united states!


                    Any advice for me? (I live in Germany)

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                      Hi Abubaha,




                      Yes you are right, I receive today the same 100$ VISA and tried on ATMs and shop and still have the same problem.


                      I ask them if they can provide us a Check instead of gift card, lets see if this is possible.


                      But I have to send my 50$ and 100$ gift cards back now :(







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                        just like me - the same prob.


                        today the visa cards came in , but only valid in USA.


                        Visa is the same  old trouble like the Amex card. ( europe counts in EURO )


                        of course i am happy for winning a prize, but in reality


                        it seems i have to travel to USA to make benefit out of the won prizes.


                        if anyone got a solution, what the germans may do with it please post it here.


                        it's a total of 450 bucks i am sitting at ,-)




                        greetz markus

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                          Yes, got mine today (for getting to the finals - the letter stated the main prize would come later on). I will test it on some german stores - if they use an internationbal clearing company, the card might work there. Fortunately I have a colleague who wants to use the american ITunes store, so he will buy my card :)

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                            hello colleagues and design challenge winners,


                            today i got updated by jeff, to which we sent or kits, that he is preparing the labels


                            for sending them all back to the developers.  so be ready to get them back real soon. :-)




                            he is now also aware now, that not all of the foreign prize winners are happy with the


                            "vaild only in USA" terms printed on the gift cards and ask now for recomendation,


                            of how this problem can be solved, especially for the germans like me.


                            any ideas of what's best to get a cash-convertable solution for the winners ?


                            please post your expeirences ( like e.g. traveller checks, western union, foreing bank transfer..).




                            i for myself like to have a real tough waterproof outdoorjacket ("nanga parbat aproved" -lol) like the


                            german "schoeffel" or suisse "mamuth" brand, because i like rock climbing as well, as Psoc'in. ;-)





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                              Yes, it is not possible to use the Visa Gift Card outside USA!




                              I suggested to Mr. Rebello-Cypress Communication Manager- to send traveller cheque, because I have good experience with it. Last year I received a traveller cheque from USA, I deposited it in the bank (Sparkasse) then after 3 days the money was transferred to my bank account.




                              However I did not receive any reply from Mr. Rebello.

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                                I think the best solution (for us germans) would be an electronic bank transfer. I'm not sure how well that works from the States, but at least here its the easiest way :)


                                Second best solution should be a check (normal or traveller check). I just checked my banks conditions: when they cash in a travellers check, they keep 1%. It is free if the check is in EUR and from AmexCo or Thomas Cook. An international check would cost me 12.50 EUR.


                                What might work also is crediting our credit cards. Amazon did this once for me (without a previous order).


                                I would not do PayPal for a larger amount - they tend to get suspicious if you gett oo much money and freeze your account. Sending cash is AFAIK not allowed with UPS or FedEx.

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                                  Hi hli,


                                  I tried to use the gift visa card in Amayon.de, and everything seems going well, however after 10 minutes of my purchase I received email from Amazon administrator informing me that the payment was not authorized! So again I am stuck of not being able to use the visa gift card!!

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                                    has anybody tested if the VISA card can be used at amazon.com to buy a gift card?


                                    But I don't know if gift cards from amazon.com could be used on amazon.de ?

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