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    Does CapSense support I2C address auto-increment?

      On CapSense devices, does the register address automatically increment during multi-byte I2C reads?


      I could not find this feature mentioned anywhere in the literature, but there are clues in a few code snippets I've seen that auto-incrementing may be implemented.

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           Auto-increment for I2C is not a feature of CapSense because these are two independent modules. In I2C when you try to write/read data at a particular address then in the same packet address will be autoincremented. For example, you have 10 bytes to write and you have provided the offset address as 0x05. When all the 10 bytes are written to the PSoC without generating a STOP in between then the address will be auto incremented and data will get stored from location 0x05 to 0x0E.