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    using GPIF only with 48M IFCLK

        I have a Cyclone III  connect to CY7C68013  and continous send data ( array [512] ) to FX2LP . 48M IFCLK  is connect to input of cyclone III for triggering output data to FX2LP on rising and falling edge of IFCLK . No read signal from FX2LP is connected . Consulting EZ-USBR FX2LP. GPIF Design Guide pdf and keil c of  FX2_to_extsyncFIFO GPIF FIFO Transactions Auto mode , I copy most of the code and set the data and status of GPIF designer ( please see the dark circle of attach photo) .


      The question I wish to ask is it possible to read data to FX2LP with IFCLK only without read strobe signal ????

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          GPIF is flexible but whatever be the interface you would need a signal to qualify the presence of valid data on the line right?


          Can you please elaborate on why you would like to implement a interface like this and how do you plan to sync between FX2LP and cyclone III without the presence of handshake signal between the two?