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    Dose anyone know, how to use P1[3](SWO) as GPIO with SWD?


      As I know PSoC3 just use 2pins, P1[0] and P1[1] with SWD.


      So, I disconnect P1[3] with debugger and disable SWV option.


      but It works perfectly with compile and debug.


      I'm sure the SWV(P1[3])  does not working now.


      so, i was put a rx_pin at P1[3] and try to compile.


      but PSoC Creater shows me below message.


      Cannot place "Rx_1(0)" at "[Chip=0][IOP=(1)][IoId=(3)]" because the location is reserved by "SWD debug".


      It is connect in hardware?


      or just Software problem?


      if anyone know, please reply.


      Thank you.