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    PSoC 3 Real Time Clock



      The real time clock has a 1 pulse per second (1 pps) feature that wakes up the device from sleep mode.


      Is it possible to change this period? Say I wanted a 1/2 second pulse? This should be theoretically doable because my understanding is that the RTC XTAL drives a 13 bit counter internally. A modification of the counter's period should allow for this (perhaps via register write?)





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          Unfortunately, it is not possible to modify the RTC's internal counter.  The period is fixed.  There is another wakeup source derived from the 32 Khz crystal that drivs the LCD system, but this feature is not yet fully documented.  I'm sorry I cannot give you more information on that timer at this time, other than the fact that its longest period is around 2 ms, which is not really what you are looking for.