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    Graphics LCD read

      I am using a graphics lcd (8080 interface) in my project. After finding it difficult to interface it with the psoc5 using the graphiclcdintf_v1_6 in creator I managed to inteface it by connecting it up using gpio pins in creator. I have set up my four control pins (nCS, nRD, nWR and AO) as digital outputs and connected them physically to the lcd. I have set up the 8 data pins as digital output/ digital inputs and connected to the lcd as well. I can write to the LCD perfectly - writing text and drawing some graphics. For routines that require reading, the problems begin. I cannot read the lcd memory! I suspect that I missed something in my pin setup. When i try setting up the data pins as bidirectional pins, I fail to even write to the lcd. When I set the pins as digital input and digital output I can write to the lcd but cannot read from it. Anyone with ideas- please help.