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    Can FX2LP 16-bit Slave FIFO Auto In be clocked at 48MHz?

      When I clocked the FX2LP 16-bit Slave FIFO Auto In at 48MHz, I always got some data errors, i.e. the data received from the FIFO on the host PC side were a bit different from the data sent to the FIFO on the FIFO master side. The problem can be resolved by changing the FIFO clock to 30MHz. I noticed that 16-bit Slave FIFO clocked at 30MHz means a data transfer rate of 480 Mbit/second. So my question is, does FX2LP supports 16-bit Salve FIFO with 48MHz clock? or maybe 48Mhz clock should only be used for 8-bit Slave FIFO?  I ask the question because I  want to know whether the issue is caused by my PCB design or not.