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    CY14B101NA-ZS25XIT Verilog Modeling Behavior For BHE\ and BLE\


      I am interfacing an FPGA with a CY14B101NA-ZS25XIT (x16 NVSRAM). During RTL simulations using BHE\ and BLE\ controlled sram writes, unwritten data is getting corrupted with "z's". For example, I want to write bits DQ15-DQ8 but leave bits DQ7-DQ0 untouched. I use a BHE\ controlled sram write, the high byte gets written to the value I want, however, the lower byte gets corrupted with "z's".


      Is this the behavior of the CY14B101NA for byte mode writes?


      I was under the impression that bye mode writes would only write the byte selected and leave the other byte alone.


      Do I need to read the sram word, modify the byte I want to write, and rewrite the entire word back?


      Is this a model issue? 


      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated to we may find another solution that does meet our requirement. Below is a snippet of verilog code that does the supposed data corruption.  


      always@( CE_bar or WE_bar or OE_bar or Address or dataIO )
       if ((CE_bar==1'b0) && (WE_bar==1'b0)) // Write in progress!
        Address1 <= Address;
        Address2 <= Address1;
        dataIO1[15:8] <= (!BHE_bar) ? dataIO[15:8] : 8'bz ;
        dataIO1[7:0]  <= (!BLE_bar) ? dataIO[7:0] : 8'bz ;
        temp_array0[Address1] <=  dataIO1[15:0] ;