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    MiniProg3 as I2C bridge for capsense tuning


       Target chip:  CY8C3666AXI-037


      I would like to use the 5-pin arrangement for programming, debugging and I2C bridge.  I am assuming that the I2C user module pins need to be routed to P1[1,0].  Creator will not allow me to make this connection.


      Why not?


      Thank you.



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          • Miniprog3 can be used as USB-I2C Bridge and when used as USB-I2C Bridge, it acts an I2C Master. To use the I2C bridge, PSoC should be configured as I2C Slave. On the PSoC side any pin can be assigned as I2C pins.
          • P1[0]  and P1[1] are the SWDIO and SWDCK pins which are used for programming and debugging. If debug is enabled in the CYDWR file as shown in figure below, these pins can not be used as GPIO. For P1[0] and P1[1] to be available as GPIO, disable debug. Note that, to miniprog3 as USB I2C bridge any pins can be used.
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            Hi Bernie,




            You can use 5-pin mode of MiniProg3 for programming the PSoC.


            However the use of I2C as well as Debug mode using the same pins P1.0 and P1.1 is not possible.




            If you are intending to use P1.0 as SDA and P1.1 as SCL for the EzI2C component, then disable the Debug Ports in the System tab of .cydwr. Also enable the Optional XRES pin P1.2 (If you are using Development Kit from Cypress) as shown in the figure below.







            For programming, connect the pins as follows:


            P1.0 = SWD IO


            P1.1 = SWD CK


            P1.2 = XRES




            With this configuration, PSoC can be programmed using PSoC Programmer Tool.




            After programming, the PSoC Programmer has to be closed and Capsense_CSD Tuner has to be opened. The Configuration has to be set in accordance with the parameters of the EzI2C Slave in the project. The I2C Voltage should be set to 3.3V or 5V as per the voltage of the Board.


            The XRES Pin should be disconnected from the XRES of MiniProg3.


            Now, the Miniprog3 will act as an I2C Bridge. You can use the Tuner GUI. However, as mentioned before, use of Debug mode is not possible in this configuration. The figure below shows the working of Tuner in this configuration.








            The modified project is attached along with this comment.





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