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    PSoC Creator appears to be a bit slow sometimes

                     There are two instances when PSoC Creator appears to be particularly slow. After reboot, starting Creator the first time takes about 5 times longer than starting it a second or third time before another reboot.


      Changing something in the hardware configuration really increases the time for build.


      When I do software changes only, loading and compiling is similar to other SW packages I tested in the past. Also other packages took longer when starting them for the first time after boot. Obviously there is some framework loaded once after restart.


      The real difference between a build using Keil MDK versus Creator is after a hardware modification. If I just add a logic gate in the hardware, the build time becomes so much longer. To be fair, adding a logic gate or other programmable hardware is something I can’t do in Keil or AVRStudio or other IDEs.


      Anything I can do to speed it up?

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          Hi LookAtSystemSolutions,






          Your observation is right.


          Whenever a change is made in the schematic, PSoC Creator undertakes the entire process of HDL Generation, Synthesis, Place and Route, Analog Placement, Analog Routing, Digital Placement, Digital Routing, Bitstream Generation, API Generation and Dependency Generation.




          Hence it takes longer time for build.




          But whenever there is a change only in the code, then the Compilation of the code is done upon build and the Routing (Analog and Digital) remains intact without any changes. This takes small amount of time.