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    connection between FX3 and USB connector

      In the AN70707(Page 6) and the pcb file of FX3_DVK(FX3_DVK DEVICE_Brd_Rev2_PD11-0306_PCB_051611-1.brd), the pin of FX3 connect to usb3 connector in this order:

      FX---Connector Micro-B
      SSRxM     A3---pin 10     SSRx+
      SSRxP    A4---pin 9    SSRx-
      SSTxP    A5---pin 7    SSTx+
      SSTxM    A6---pin 6    SSTx-

      But the pin10 of usb3 connector is the SSRX+(USB 3.0 Specification, Page 103), A3 is SSRXM (CYUSB3014 datasheet Page31, 33).
      pin9 is SSRX-, A4 is SSRXP.

      Is it right to connect in this order?