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    how to give correct path to included headers in uvision



      when i copy fw project from c:\cypress\usb\target\fw\lp (all files in the folder) to an other location for example: ~my documents\keil_prg\lp and open the project with uvision3 it does not know the path for EZUSB.LIB and USBJmpTb.OBJ it looks in ~my documents\keil_prg\lib\lp for it .


      also in another project when I write :


      #include "fx2.h"


      #include "fx2regs.h"


      #include "syncdly.h"


      after build this error occures : can't find file 'syncdly.h'


      I checked for the file it was in the same folder as fx2.h and fx2regs.h in "c:\cypress\usb\target\Inc"


      also unchecked  Project -> 'Options for Target' -> the 'A51' tab -> and uncheck 'Define 8051 SFR Names'. according to :




      could you please help me?