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    The msc firmware can't work,help!



      My PC couldn't detect the cy7c67300 after I loaded the msc firmware into EEPROM.The usb device in the bottom right corner of PC windows is missing!The following steps are my loading process.


      1.[cy]$ cd Source/stand-alone/msc


      2.[cy]$ make clean all


      3.[cy] $ make


      4.[cy]$ make clean wrap


      5.[cy]$ load_i2c


      The result is that the PC couldn't detect cy7c67300 after I did as the bash prompt told me to reset the button on the board. I have no idea about it,can you help me?







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          When you say MSC firmware I assume you're talking about CY4640 firmware for Ez-Host. This configures Ez-Host as a mass storage host.


          Are you using this firmware "as is" or made any modifications to it?





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            I have read ANI5484 and AN70973 in the www.cypress.com and I want to use cy7c67300 to read data from an USB Flash Drive, my development board is a custom board. I used the msc firmware of the cy4640 development kit without any modifications.I have found the source code at the USB/OTG—Host/Source/stand-alone/msc,and I used the gun tools to build it and loaded it into the EEPROM! But the PC can't identify the usb device(cy7c67300,vid=04B4,pid=7200) after I did it. To my surprise,I have tried to load other example codes in the USB/Host/Source/stand-alone,and the result is same as msc firmware,the usb device was missing unexpectedly after the code was loaded into EEPROM!I really don't know about this,could you help me?


            Appreciate it,