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    Dynamic Reconfiguration

      Hello everyone,


      I have a quick question how to reconfigure the (analog) part of the PSoC 5 in a running program.


      For Instance:
      I want to change the output range of an IDAC from 0-32 µA to 0-2,04 mA. I want to use the same DAC, only in a part of the program the range should be changed.


      Another thing is to reassign pins during a program. How can I do that?


      To myself: I am a student using the PSoC 5 and just started working with PSoCs. I found the application note on dynamic reconfiguration, but it is only for PSoC 1.


      Thanks in advance for your help,



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          Hi Thomas,




          IDAC in PSoC 5 supports 3 output ranges. In order to change the range from 0-32 µA to 0-2,04 mA, the API IDAC8_SetRange(uint8 range) can be used.


          The parameter "range" can be IDAC8_RANGE_32uA or IDAC8_RANGE_255uA or IDAC8_RANGE_2mA as per your requirement.