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    reconfiguration in PSoC



      I have a doubt about the reconfiguration PSoC's property. I already know that the hardware of this system has the capacity of being configured as you want from the software PSoC Creator. That I don't know is what happens once you have configured the system and you are running the project in it, can you reconfigure it in terms of adding a new element as a filter or converter for example?


      Another related question, can you build two different projects (different hardware configuration) in the PSoC and then when you are running the PSoC, to choose between them?


      I hope I have explained.



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          Dynamic Reconfiguration is not supported the same way as in PSoC1,


          with the capability in the IDE to define and switch between configurations.


          PSoC3/5 is much more complex, and tracking all the interactions of tryin reconfigure while "live"


          could prove to be a challange.  Of course, the configuration of the PSoC3/5 devices are similarly


          by writing internal registers, and so the same basic capability exists.


          But, as I mentioned, no design tools exist for supporting this at the moment.


          So it will be a manual process if you try to go down that road...






          Tom Moxon





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            First of all, thank you for answering. Now, I'm going to explain what I want to do.


            My objective is to write into the board a program that allows you to choose between all the possible configuration of an ADC, finally to take some comparatives. As doing it trough code is not possible because the ADC libraries don't have (or I don't see them) the C++ functions to access to all the ADC parameters, I had thought the possibility of writing "several projects" or layouts and then to switch between them, of course, regardless the PSoC Creator.


            So, only two questions, when you say that in PSoC1 we can swich between configurations, are you talking about swiching between projects (or something like "layouts of hardware" with their corresponding configuration) previously loaded into the board?


            And what do you mean when you say doing it manually for PSoC3/5?